Introducing our 2015-2016 Executive Board!

Interested in getting to know us better? Take a look at our interests and experiences and stop by our office hours!

Eboard Info

Name: Chet Agni
Position: Chair
Year: Junior
Majors: Political Science, Biology
Fun Fact:  One time I met Secretary of State John Kerry when I trick-or-treated at his house in Boston. He gave me a Bit-O-Honey.


Office Hours: Sunday, 6-8pm

Name: Lizzy Schounard
Position: Vice Chair
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science, Global Health Certificate
Fun Fact: I can’t cross my eyes.

Twitter: @whatsalizzy

Office Hours: Tuesday, 4:30-6:30pm


Name: Danny Levandoski
Position: Data Director
Year: Junior
Majors: Political Science, History, LGBT Studies Certificate
Fun Fact: I’m a member of the Teamsters Local 200 Union.

Twitter: @SmokinClinton

Office Hours:  Tuesday, 11-1:30

Name: Natalie Halbrooks
Position: C0-Digital Director
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Political Science, Strategic Communications
Fun Fact: I think all foods are better with avocado.


Office Hours: Thursdays, 1pm-3pm

Name: Lindsey Roehrborn
Position: Co-Digital Director
Year: Senior
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: Cheese is my motivation, inspiration, one true love, and reason to live.

Twitter: @ThatAndPotatoes

Office Hours: Wednesday 5-7

Name: Augie McGinnity-Wake
Position: Press Secretary
Year: Sophomore
Majors: Political Science, Environmental Studies
Fun Fact: I bleached my hair once.


Office Hours: Wednesday, 2:15-4:15


Name: Kat Kerwin
Position: Treasurer
Year: Freshman
Majors: Economics and Environmental Science
Fun Fact: My favorite green is arugula.

Twitter: @KatKerwin26

Office Hours: Wednesdays, 12-2pm



Please, feel free to contact any of our E-Board members with comments, questions, or concerns! We’re happy to help!