State of the Union Watch Party

Join College Democrats as we watch the State of the Union in the Rathskeller next Tuesday, February 12th. There will be a brief informational meeting preceding the watch party at a location to be determined; come with all your questions concerning this years College Democrats of Wisconsin Convention because there will be sure to be new information! Keep an eye out for updates on the “Convention page” as we determine what costs we can cover for you if you decide to attend.

Education Caucus: First Meeting!

The following information was sent in an email by Education Caucus Director Mike Tecca:

It is a pleasure to invite you all to the first meeting of the Education and Other issues caucus tomorrow Thursday (2/28) at 7pm in the caucus room on the 4th floor of the SAC! Of course, a major focus of our advocacy efforts will be on Education (I intend to discuss this brief article regarding Scott Walker’s voucher program). However, the “other issues” aspect of this caucus opens the gateway to anti-gun violence, immigration reform, and possibly even local alcohol policies.

There are three goals of our first meeting.

  1. Brainstorm, then narrow down specific areas to research and advocate
  2. Get to know each other, form groups/committee’s/factions. Whatever you want to call them really
  3. Form a schedule/contact method that works best for everyone.
  4. Eat oreos.

Please RSVP if you will be there (I need to know who many oreos to purchase), bring a computer if possible, read the school voucher article, and let me know if you have any specific issue you would like us to discuss! If this time slot does not work for you, email me your interests and intended involvement level at so we can meet at some other time.

Best of luck on your midterms,

Mike Tecca

General Membership Meeting Thursday 03/07 @ 7pm

We will be voting on endorsing candidates for upcoming spring elections that have been recommended by our e-board. We will also be plugging convention and how you can sign up as well as going over how we will be campaigning for any newly endorsed candidates. The e-board has recommended the following endorsements:

Supreme Court: Ed Fallone
City Council: Scott Resnick D8; Bryan Post D2
ASM: Chris Hoffman; David Vines

ASM Elections

ASM 2013 elections run from Monday March 11th to Wednesday March 13 at 5pm. These elections are extremely important for the future of your segregated fees; the following articles supply some conversation on the most recent controversy with ASM sending members to CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference):

LTE From College Dems
Badger Herald’s LTE
Yet Another Herald LTE

In light of this controversy and others, the UW College Dems have chosen a few candidates that we feel will best represent student interests in the upcoming semesters. They are:
College of Letters & Sciences – Chris Hoffman
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences  – Devon Hamilton
Student Services Finance Committee – David Vines
You are allowed only to vote in the College in which you are enrolled, so take these recommendations into account if they apply to you. Happy Voting!


Republicans must be held accountable for redistrcting

Check out our latest Letter to the Editor that Communications Director Jacob Riederer sent to the The Badger Herald!

The letter covers the recent Wisconsin redistricting lawsuit and the importance of transparency in government.

“Recent developments in a Wisconsin redistricting lawsuit suggest that Republicans may have something to hide. After a group of Democrats and the immigrant rights organization Voces De La Frontera successfully sued Republican legislators on the grounds that the processes used in drawing district lines were unconstitutional, federal judges ordered [read more here…] ”

What do you think about the Republicans’ redistricting efforts? How important should it be to constituents that these redistricting documents be released? Leave your comments at The Badger Herald page!

DPW 2013

The College Dems had a GREAT time this past weekend at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin annual convention, held in Oconomowoc.  From June 7-8th, College Democrats joined Democrats from across the state to hear from some fantastic leaders from the Party.  Speakers included: Mark Pocan, Gwen Moore, Tom Barrett, Ron Kind, Tammy Baldwin, Chris Larson, Russ Feingold, San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, and many more!

It was awesome to see so many fantastic leaders all joined in one place with one common goal: moving Forward Together.  Some key points included how to get involved at state and local levels and what to look forward to in the upcoming months, leading up to the next Gubernatorial Election in 2014!

Congratulations to Party Chair Mike Tate and 2nd Vice Chair Jeff Christensen on winning their respective elections!

To see more of what people were up to at the convention, check out the Twitter hashtag #DPW2013 or this article from!

DOMA & Prop 8: what the recent SCOTUS decisions really mean

Last Wednesday, June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court issued its decisions on two very important cases: Windsor v United States and Hollingsworth v Perry.  The cases, concerning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California’s Proposition 8, respectively, made history and will change the future of marriage equality in the United States.  Here is a brief summary of the decisions, as well as what they actually actually mean for same-sex marriage.

Windsor v United States
History: The case against DOMA was brought to court by Edith Windsor, who married her partner Thea Spyer in 2007; they were legally married in Canada, yet they could not receive federal government benefits living in New York.  Under DOMA, it was “legal” for states to choose to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
The decision: DOMA is unconstitutional as it violates the equal protection clause.  DOMA being struck down now means that all same-sex couples that are legally married, in any state, will be granted the same benefits all heterosexual couples are granted.

Hollingsworth v Perry
History: Same-sex marriage was first made legal in California in May, 2008.  By November of that year, a referendum, Proposition 8, was proposed, voted upon, and passed, which would thereafter ban sam-sex marriage in the state.  Many lawsuits later, the Ninth Circuit Court had deemed Propostition 8 as unconstitutional under the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses.  This decision was later appealed and brought to the Supreme Court.
The decision: the SCOTUS ruled that the petitioners (Hollingsworth) did not have proper standing to appeal the preveious discrict court’s decision.  This is because Prop 8 was a ballot initiative supported by the state.  However, when taken to court, no state officials chose to stand by Prop 8.  Hollingsworth is just a citizen who was interested in keeping  Prop 8 alive and did not directly suffer harm, and therefore, it was ruled, does not have the proper standing to take the case to court.  This effectively confirms the Ninth Circuit decision, ruling Prop 8 unconstitutional, and likely returning same-sex marriages to California.

Keep in mind, while these two decisions are FANTASTIC, they do not make same-sex marriage legal throughout the United States.  While all married couples, no matter the spouses’ gender, will now be treated equally in the eyes of the federal government, individual states are still in control of legalizing marriage equality for all.

CONGRATULATIONS on this great stride towards equality!
Wisconsin, we still have a ways to go. Let’s get to work!

{Image Source: Vanity Fair}
Washington Post

Our Newest Members

The newest members of the Madison College Democrats have already started exploring campus! Do you recognize everywhere they’ve been!? Keep on the lookout for where they’ll travel to next!

Making the trek up Bascom Hill.


Exploring State Street


Checking out Sellery Hall


Shopping for textbooks and swag at the Bookstore

Enjoying a football game at Camp Randall

Enjoying a football game at Camp Randall


Want to get a picture with Barack or Hillary?  Be sure to stop by our Kickoff Meeting on September 12th!

Kickoff Meeting Tonight!

Our first meeting of the year is TONIGHT!

We will be meeting at 7 pm in room 180 of Science Hall.

Stop by to meet fellow Democrats, learn about our plans for the upcoming school year, hear from Madison’s State Representative Chris Taylor, and get your picture taken with Barack and Hillary!

We have a great year ahead of us, help us kick it off right! See you there!

CDW Goes to Washington

This weekend, CDW sent an amazing 27 delegates from 11 chapters to the College Democrats of America national convention in Washington, DC! Five of the delegates are from our very own UW-Madison chapter!

We’re right in the middle of a busy weekend filled with awesome speakers and the CDA national elections.  To stay up-to-date on everything that’s going on, check out the #CDW13 hashtag and follow our Twitter account!

Intern for Mary Burke!

Our first Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mary Burke is looking for interns to help with her campaign!

If you are interested in working with Burke for Wisconsin, check out our College Dems Internship page on the website to find the internship announcement and application!

Application deadline is November 1, 2013; now is your chance to work on a campaign to get Governor Scott Walker out of office!

What we’ve been up to…

Hey there, Democrats!

The Fall 2013 semester has been FLYING by; we’re so excited about everything we’ve been doing with our members new and old! In case you missed anything, here’s a brief update on what we’ve been up to!

Starting out Strong

Starting the school year off right with freshman voter registration around campus

Some of our members volunteering at Fighting Bob Fest with Bob La Follette himself (kind of)

Some of our members volunteering at Fighting Bob Fest with Bob La Follette himself (kind of)

Signing up new members at the Student Org Fair!

Signing up new members at the Student Org Fair!

Even Barack Obama came out to say hello!

Even Barack Obama came out to say hello!

Our first general membership meeting of the year!

Amazing turnout at Science Hall!

Amazing turnout at Science Hall!

College Dems exec board with the amazing Representative Chris Taylor!

College Dems exec board with the amazing Representative Chris Taylor!

9/11 Memorial on Bascom Hill


The College Dems teamed up with College Republicans and Vets for Vets to place 2,000 flags on Bascom Hill on 9/11

Even in the rain at 6 AM, the College Dems had a great time!

Even in the rain at 6 AM, the College Dems had a great time!

Moving Forward

Members came together to hold phone banks in support of our endorsed freshman ASM candidate, Megan Phillips. CONGRATULATIONS, Megan! WE DID IT!

Members came together to hold phone banks in support of our endorsed freshman ASM candidate, Megan Phillips.

What will we do next? Join us and find out! We have meetings every other Thursday in Humanities 1650! Or click on the “Become a Member” tag at the top of this page to join our email list so you’ll never miss an update!
We hope to see you soon! On Wisconsin!

New Spring Office Hours

We hope everyone’s first few days of classes have been excellent! With the start of the new semester, we also have new office hours! Come visit the College Dems office on the 3rd floor of the SAC during the listed times– get to know exec board members and talk about Dems, classes, life, etc!

The Millennial Perspective


This morning our chair, Austin Helmke, met with the chair of College Republicans, Charlie Hoffman, and Joe Otterson of Wisconsin Eye!

Check out this video as the two chairs discuss their views on the current state of Wisconsin politics.

Have a great Thursday!

Come Canvass With Us!

Welcome [back] to campus, democrats!

The governor’s race is as intense as ever, especially here at UW – Madison, and we’re always in need of people to help us turn out campus for Mary Burke! Stop by our campus field office at 122 State St. Suite #304 to become a Special Registration Deputy and assist in getting your fellow Badgers registered to vote at their current address. Open voter registration ends October 15th so we need all the help we can get to make sure every student is maximally prepared for Election Day on November 4th.

We always have something going on, but you can check out this form to see specific shifts and sign up to get involved!

Badgers for Burke Shift Guide:

High Traffic Canvass: Hit the streets with just a clipboard full of voter registration forms, pledge cards, and informative literature. Station yourself at a busy (high traffic) location such as East Campus Mall or College Library and approach as many people as possible to make sure they get registered and know about Mary Burke.

Door to Door Canvass: This is the traditional knocking doors shift. You get a couple streets to walk down, knock every door and ring every doorbell you encounter, and make sure people are registered to vote and know about our good friend Mary.

Phone Banks: Call up the people who have expressed interest in volunteering with the campaign and sign them up for canvassing shifts.

CDW Spring Convention

Last weekend the College Dems of UW-Madison enjoyed a trip to Milwaukee for the annual College Democrats of Wisconsin Convention!

State Convention is a great chance to meet and network with College Democrats from across the state, as well as hear from awesome local elected officials!

Some of the highlight speakers of this year’s event were:

  • Mary Burke
  • Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett
  • all 3 Democratic nominees for WI Attorney General
  • State Senators Chris Larson and Nikiya Harris
  • State Representatives Mandela Barnes, Daniel Riemer, Evan Goyke

Convention is also when the CDW executive board is elected for the next year. Several Madison Democrats ran for positions on the exec board, which is always great to see! Congratulations to everyone who ran, and shoutouts to our newly elected state e-board members!

  • Phoenix Rice-Johnson: CDW Vice Chair
  • Joe Waldman: Communications Director
  • Lizzy Schounard: Southwestern Regional Director

Thanks to the College Dems of UW-Milwaukee for hosting a great convention! We can’t wait to see you all next year!

On Wisconsin!

On Wisconsin!

ASM Freshman Endorsement

Last Tuesday we held our endorsement meeting for ASM Freshman Representative. We heard from 5 awesome candidates about what they would do to make our campus better and represent democratic values, then voted on who we as College Democrats thought aligns best with our organization.

We’re excited to announce that the winner of our endorsement was

Jean Uchupalanun


Jean looks forward to bringing badgers together with their student government to work on issues of campus safety, college affordability, and multicultural representation and we’re excited to use our finely tuned campaign skills to get Jean elected as a freshman representative to ASM!

In order to do this, we’re having 3 phone banks Monday through Wednesday to call freshman students and encourage them to vote for Jean. You can find the Facebook events for those and RSVP herehere, and here. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you’re a freshman, make sure to cast your votes for Jean on the ASM website before 5pm on Wednesday!

Get Out The Vote — GOTV

Election Day is only a week away and we need you now more than ever to get Mary Burke elected! From Saturday, November 1st at 9am until polls close on November 4th, College Democrats are going to be out knocking doors throughout campus and working to get students out to the polls.

Join us Saturday at 3pm to learn the ropes of GOTV and be rewarded for your hard work with free pizza!

Even if Saturday doesn’t work for you, sign up for a different shift with a friend. There’s an entire team at each office ready to help you out and answer any questions you may have.

We all have the power to make a difference in this election. The race is neck and neck and whether we win is really going to come down to getting college students out to vote. With your help we can and will elect Mary Burke as the next governor of Wisconsin!

2014 in Review: UW-Madison College Dems Edition

It’s been a great year, dems!

At the beginning of spring semester we voted to endorse Megan Phillips, Alex Schultz, and Andre Hunter their ASM elections and held phone banks to reach out to fellow students.

For the spring elections, we worked our butts off knocking doors on campus for former-chair Chris Hoffmann who was running for District 5 County Board Supervisor. Even though we didn’t win, we’re incredibly proud of the work college dems put into the campaign.

April kicked off with the College Democrats of Wisconsin Convention in Milwaukee, where our own Phoenix Rice-Johnson, Joe Waldman, and Lizzy Schounard were elected to the statewide executive board and everyone had a wonderful time hanging out with College Democrats from across the state.

The excitement of April continued with electing a new executive board for the chapter.

We were all sad (and excited) to see the school year end, but had the chance to reunite in June to attend the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Convention in the Wisconsin Dells.

The new school year started strong by waking up at 5am to plant flags on Bascom Hill in memory of the attacks of 9/11 with College Republicans and Vets for Vets.

Later in September, our favorite gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke stopped by Der Rathskeller to join us for a Packers game, snacks, and post-game selfies.

We started October with the Southern Regional Summit in Milwaukee, hosted by Marquette University College Democrats, where we got to hear from West Wing‘s Bradley Whitford and spend time with the lovely College Democrats from Edgewood College, UW Milwaukee, UW Whitewater, Carthage College, and Marquette University.

Then campus was visited by the one and only FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. Many of us got to stand on stage behind her, shake her hand, and some lucky people even got to hug her.

During the first College Democrats vs. College Republicans debate of the year, some of our e-board members did an incredible job representing democratic policy positions on the topics of healthcare, jobs, the environment, and education.

By the end of October, the Mary Burke campaign had taken over our lives in the best way possible.

November brought the promise (and disappointment) of a continued Walker governorship. After a short grieving period, we heard from the chair of the Dane County Democrats Mike Basford about ways of addressing issues of homelessness in our community.

We wrapped up the semester with an internship fair where we were joined by representatives from progressive organizations and Democratic politicians, and then a goodbye dinner and “white donkey” gift exchange at Brocach.

Finally, we said our last goodbyes to the two members of our executive board who will be leaving us next semester – Alex Morgan and Lizzy Schounard – but are very excited to see Danny Levandoski and Augie McGinnity-Wake filling their shoes next semester.

Thanks to everyone who had any part in this amazing year.

We look forward to an even better 2015!

Spring Election Endorsements

It may be hard to start thinking about spring elections when you see a foot and a half of snow when you look out your window, but thus is life in Wisconsin and democracy doesn’t wait around for nice weather!

After hosting a forum with all 5 incredibly mayoral candidates, College Democrats voted to endorse Scott Resnick. His campaign centers around moving the city of Madison forward, including addressing issues of homelessness and working to ensure affordable housing for students. As the former alder for District 8 which covers a large chunk of campus, we know Scott Resnick will keep student interests in mind and help make local government more accessible to students.

Speaking of District 8, we also voted to endorse Zach Wood, our long-time member and former Vice Chair of CDW, who is running unopposed for that seat on City Council. He’ll be representing a large portion of students, especially those living in dorms. He plans to address issues of public safety on campus, especially sexual assault, and to prioritize environmentally conscious decisions.

To learn more about our endorsed candidates, check out their websites here and here.
To keep up and get involved with our campaign efforts, like our page on Facebook.

Finally, remember to vote for Scott Resnick in the primaryon February 17th and the election on April 7th, and for Zach Wood if you live in District 8!

CDW Convention

Hey, College Democrats!

Are you interested in meeting College Democrats from around the state? Do you want to hear from awesome people involved in Wisconsin politics? Do you have a desire to vote or run in the election for the new state executive board?

Well then you’re in luck! College Democrats of Wisconsin are holding their yearly convention April 18-19 in Green Bay and there’s never been a better opportunity to surround yourself with fellow democrats and have a great time.

Transportation and hotel for the UW-Madison chapter will be organized by our lovely executive board, the cost of which is yet to be fully determined but will be under $40. Included in that is membership to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin ($10) and the registration fee ($10 before April 1st and $15 after).

Sign up here if you’re interested!
There’s information at the top of the page about how to pay your registration and membership fees. I’ve never heard of anyone regretting their decision to go to CDW convention so make sure to seize the opportunity today!

On Wisconsin!

On Wisconsin!

Feel free to contact any of our executive board members with questions, we’re happy to help!

PRESS RELEASE: Scott Walker Announces Presidential Run, Would be Detrimental to U.S.

Contact: August McGinnity-Wake, Press Secretary UW-Madison College Democrats 608-444-0671,
July 13, 2015

Today, as Governor Walker announced his bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, Chair of UW-Madison College Democrats, Jenny Tasse, has a warning for the rest of the nation.

“We’ve lived in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin for 5 years and in that time he has managed to slash funding to education from kindergarten to higher education, sell off our natural resources, politicize women’s bodies, and put us dead last in the midwest for job growth.”

Walker has misled Wisconsin voters by campaigning on a platform that bears no resemblance to his platform in office. He touted the tuition freeze as his commitment to college affordability. In his budget, he proposed a $300 million cut to the University, resulting in inevitable tuition increases for out-of-state students immediately and for in-state students when the tuition freeze expires in 2017. He dodged questions about Right to Work, calling it “not a priority.” Just months after re-election, it was shoved through the Legislature and signed into law.

Walker has guided his Republican Legislature in numerous “extraordinary” sessions behind closed doors and without public hearings. His version of streamlined government involves springing controversial policies on the public without warning. Walker’s version of government is dangerous and it has torn apart our proud history of progressive and amiable politics in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has become a bitterly polarized state thanks to Governor Walker.
Wisconsin has fallen to the bottom of the list on numerous rankings. Most recently, Wisconsin was ranked by Pew as the state with the most rapidly shrinking middle class. #WeKnowWalker, and we know that Scott Walker is wrong for Wisconsin and wrong the United States.”


PRESS RELEASE: 50th Anniversary of Voting Rights Act; Continued Attacks on Voting Rights


Contact: August McGinnity-Wake, Press Secretary UW-Madison College Democrats
August 6, 2015

On this day, 50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act to protect the right of all Americans to vote regardless of region, race or class. Restricting access to the ballot box has long been a dangerous weapon to disempower communities and create a government that does not reflect our country’s diversity and character.
Jenny Tasse had the following statement in response to the continuing attacks on voting access in our state and across the nation:

“The United States has come a long way since the days of poll taxes, but we are nowhere near parity when it comes to equal access to vote for every American. In Wisconsin, we have felt the effects of voter restriction first hand–300,000 Wisconsinites have become ineligible to vote with the passage of Voter ID, many of them lacking the resources to purchase an ID. Across the nation, the right to vote is often diminished with strict and convoluted registration laws. In many states you must register over a month before Election Day or lose the ability to vote. Access to the ballot box by communities of color and students is especially damaged by restrictive voting policy in Wisconsin and across the nation. On the anniversary of this historic legislation, North Carolina is about to make a sweeping judicial decision on the voting laws and practices in their state. We stand in solidarity with North Carolinians and hope the fate of their voting access is better than ours and commit to continuing the fight the VRA started 50 years ago. Today, President Johnson would be disheartened to see the nonstop attacks on hisimportant legislation.”